“Vale más hacer la cosa más insignificante del mundo, que estar media hora sin hacer nada.”


Hello! Good afternoon! I’m MarioLópez, CEO of Atendo. I’m very glad to be with you in this first session of Innodate.
My speech will focus on a problem. What’s the problem? There is NO Spanish companies among the most innovative companies around the world. Even Inditex. The question is Why? Why they don’t innovate? I prefer to believe in people rather than companies. So my question is why we don’t innovate? Or better… How can we innovate? Or even How can I innovate?… We shouldn’t be afraid of changes. If we have NO FEAR to change we will be able to innovate, to create or to do something in which we are masters… that is copy and paste.
I will give you an example. I put you in a situation. Two Japanese men in the 70′s had an idea. “Journalists need a small tape recorder”. They began to think, to design, to work hard and they got a small machine. They could put a tape, they connected headphones, they installed a system of reproduction, but they had a problem… The couldn’t include a record system. All work in the trash. Everybody said that it was useless, it was a bad product, it was a rabish.
But one of then went home and started to think about his invention. Thought, thought, thought and then he smailed… He went back running the next day to the company and said: I’ve got it! We’ve got it! Yes! Our invention is very useful. Not for journalists, but for the rest of the world. People want listen to music and do not disturb. People want listen to music while running. Our invention is good. We have just invented the Walkman. This happened in 1979 in a company called SONY.
They innovated… Why? Because innovation is not a product, is an attitude. A change of perspective…. “Not for journalists, but for the rest of the world”… If we have NO FEAR to change our perspective we can innovate. Yes we can. Thanks very much

Innodate, first session. Coruña. 31/01/2012